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iPad Pro (10.5-inch) Accessories

Find the right fit for your iPad Pro (10.5-inch)

Precision Design for iPad Pro? (10.5-inch)

Get excellent drop protection and viewing versatility with an iPad Pro? 10.5-inch case. Our iPad Pro? accessories are made with premium materials that will keep your devices safe while presenting a polished look. We are so confident in the quality of our iPad Pro? 10.5-inch cases that they come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Precision Design for iPad Pro? (10.5-inch)

Targus 10.5-Inch iPad Pro? Accessories

Protection from Everyday Hazards
Each of our iPad Pro? 10.5-inch cases passes military grade 4-foot drop testing. For protection from water damage, buy our water-resistant Pro-Tek™ case for your 10.5-inch iPad Pro?. Whether you have a busy commute to work, share your device with a child, or simply tend to err on the safe side, our iPad Pro? accessories will protect your iPad? from the damage caused by bumps, spills, and falls.

Viewing Versatility
Consider our VersaVu? Signature or VersaVu? Classic cases for their patented 360° rotation technology, allowing for both portrait and landscape views. These cases easily adjust for video calling, watching videos, and reading and typing at a comfortable angle. Get the level of protection offered by all Targus cases while making the most of your iPad Pro′s functions.

Luxurious Design
Each of our iPad Pro? accessories is made with premium materials. In addition to offering durability and versatility, the interior and exterior of the iPad Pro? 10.5-inch case is made with premium fabric. Our designs provide the best of both functionality and luxury.

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