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Eco-Friendly Laptop Bags

Minimize your carbon footprint with these earth-conscious bags that save energy and reduce pollution during production

Turning Bottles into Bags

On the journey from bottle to bag, plastic water bottles are first shredded into small flakes. Those flakes are re-polymerized into plastic chips that are then heated and spun into yarn. Finally, that yarn is stitched and sewn into the fabric of our EcoSmart bags.

Balance™ EcoSmart? - Turning Bottles into Bags

Eco-Friendly Laptop Backpacks

Save The Earth - One Bag At A Time
Get the style and protection you need for your laptop while reducing your carbon footprint. Our EcoSmart eco-friendly backpacks are made from materials like recycled PET polyester and plastic water bottles.

These laptop backpacks and briefcases are both practical and sensible in their design, and they offer the same versatile features that you would expect from any Targus bag. Unlike conventional bags, though, they’re just as good for the planet as they are for your personal technology.

How Our Eco-Friendly Backpacks Are Made
We shred the bottles into small flakes and re-polymerize them into plastic chips. Those chips are then heated and repurposed into yarn, which is delicately stitched and sewn into our EcoSmart bags.

Features of Our Eco-Friendly Laptop Backpacks
All of our EcoSmart backpacks and briefcases have a checkpoint-friendly design, making it easy to pass your laptop through airport security with minimal fuss. In addition, the materials are weather-resistant, offering superior protection from moisture and natural elements.
Every case includes convenient carry handles and ergonomically designed shoulder straps for maximum comfort and portability. Some even feature a specially shaped neoprene strap that rests snugly on your shoulder.
We have models with a dedicated tablet compartment, models with a water bottle holder, and even models designed with a SafePort sling for superior drop protection. Air mesh back panels, quick-access pockets, and multi-compartment designs are additional hallmarks of our eco-friendly bags.

Order Your Eco-Friendly Backpack
We want you to buy with confidence, so every one of our EcoSmart backpacks includes a limited lifetime warranty. We offer a generous 30-day return policy, and our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have. Browse our full selection of eco-friendly bags, and order yours today.